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Vitae Social Rewards

VITAE – Mandatory Wallet Update to Version 4.3.0

Attention to all desktop wallet owner: Anyone who has the desktop wallet, please update now to 4.3 new version. It is mandatory. Vitae team has made some improvements with speed and security. You can download the new Vitae Core Wallet to the vitae token website here All wallet have to be updated to the latest […]

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VITAE token specifications

VITAE token specifications:  VITAE is latin for LIFE Pre-Mine: 1,000,000 VITAE Max Supply: 100,000,000 VITAE Staking reward: See Saw Master Node reward: See Saw Super Node reward: 40% Master Node requirement: 20,000 Super Node requirement: 10,000 Proof of Stake phase is currently underway, with an average target block time of 45 seconds. Staking is eligeble […]

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Where can I download the new Vitae wallet ?

To earn free Vitae token by staking or running masternode and supernode, you need a wallet. You can download the Vitae Core Wallet at the official vitaetoken website. Wallet are available for : Windows 32, Windows 64, Apple < 10.12, Apple > 10.13, Linux QT – GUI and Linux TAR-Deamon. The Android Wallet App will […]

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