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VITAE token specifications

VITAE token specifications:  VITAE is latin for LIFE

Pre-Mine: 1,000,000 VITAE

Max Supply: 100,000,000 VITAE

Staking reward: See Saw

Master Node reward: See Saw

Super Node reward: 40%

Master Node requirement: 20,000

Super Node requirement: 10,000

Proof of Stake phase is currently underway, with an average target block time of 45 seconds. Staking is eligeble for any balance that has a maturity of 150 blocks confirmations, or about 60 minutes. The wallet is required to be online, running, and unlocked in order for one to stake.

Vitae token uses a See Saw effect for rewards distribution. Combining all rewards opportunities including Proof of Stake, Masternodes, and Supernodes.

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