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Vitae Social Rewards Website beta launch on december 26th

vitae social rewards website

On december 26th, the Vitae Social Rewards website will be on beta test

Vitae token will work as a utility token on the Social Rewards Website. It will have function within the website programming. The exact details of the Social Rewards Website are proprietary and are secret until release. Here we will describe some of the characteristics of the site that will require Vitae tokens and a brief outline of the sites overall design.

The main attribute for Vitae token within the website is as a payment system.
How the system pays you is intricate and has multiple facets. As outlined below in the Nash Equilibria, it is better to have many actions. Multiple actions that are normal in the social aspect of the site will provide rewards to members. Upgrade payment action is also involved in the system, it is not required but can provide immense opportunity. This action will provide a demand for Vitae Token as it is the only method of payment.

Along with membership actions the website will also provide advertising.
Advertising will require Vitae token as payment. This will provide other actions within the design like “Air-drop Marketing”. A complete advertising platform for the website will give businesses a greater opportunity to get results. Comprehensive analytics and “New Age” marketing actions to increase results. These advertising purchases will also be shared with the website community. Automatically integrated within the platform, this value can continue to grow with the membership base.

The free registration will be live only when the beta test will be finished.

Actually, Only Beta Tester can join and test the Social rewards website on december 26th.


4 thoughts on “Vitae Social Rewards Website beta launch on december 26th

  1. nicolialia pizzeria

    March 2, 2019 10:45

    This post is invaluable. How can I find out more?

    • vitae

      March 3, 2019 6:39

      Hello Nicolialia, the beta launch has started on december 26th.
      You can have more information about vitae here.
      If you want to pre-signup now go to this form and when Vitae will be fully launched you will be registred.

  2. Grace

    May 24, 2019 9:55

    Since it was launched last year on the 26 December 2018. Now how do I get registered Vitae.?
    I need you to refer people as well. What about the Link?

    • vitae

      May 24, 2019 12:57

      Vitae is on Beta Test.
      We don’t know when the free registration will begin.
      Please stay tuned, once official Vitae Team will give us the official launch date we will make a post.

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