It's not the official Vitae Website, it is the one of an independent member

Vitae Rain Chat Free Signup

Vitae Rain Chat is open – Free signup

Vitae Rain Chat Free Signup

Vitae Rain Chat is Now fully open.
Time to test it!
Time to use it!
Time to make money!

There are 8 ways to earn at Vitae Rain Chat!

Thousands of Vitae tokens are stored for distribution. Every six minutes an amount of Vitae from the stockpile is rained in the rain chat.

When a user sends Vitae tokens to the rain address, those tokens are immediately rained and a portion is distributed to POP rain. POP rain allocations occur for every rain, including the Stockpile distribution.

3)Advertising purchase Rain
When a Static or Rain ad is purchased, a portion of the purchase is immediately rained. ALL Upgraded members receive a commission for every Ad Purchase!

4)Upgrade Purchase Rain
When a user upgrades, $5 in vitae tokens from their purchase is immediately rained.

5)Rain Ad View
Rain ads Pay the viewer. This is a paid to view advertisement. All members that view the ad automatically receive a share of the ad revenue. Members are required to CONFIRM the Ad before viewing to receive payment.

6)Sponsor Commissions
When a user joins with your invite link, an affiliate commission is earned (See FAQ for Commission values)

7)Sponsor Rain Commissions
Available only to Upgraded Members. Receive 20% commission for all rain collected by your direct referrals.

8)POP Rain
As rains are collected, a portion is allocated to the members invisible POP Rain account. Once it hits it’s threshold, a POP rain occurs.

Vitae Rain Chat Free Signup

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