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New Wallet Instructions

New wallet instructions: Backup your wallet.dat and Backups folder in multiple places. Vitae folder should only have theses items:

vitae.conf (with only enablezeromint=0 inside)
masternode.conf (only if you have masternodes)

After a full sync there is a possibility that balances might look incorrect. If so, add this command to your vitae.conf and restart the wallet. This will force the wallet to remove and re-download all your previous transactions. Afterwards, remember to remove the command: zapwallettxes=1

If you are asked to Encrypt your wallet, do not do it unless you are a new user. If you are not a new user, follow these directions: Open Debug Console, Enter walletpassphrase "password" 2 Replace your wallet password between the quotations and hit enter. This will grant you access to your previous wallet.

Video Instruction Guide:

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