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Is it possible to mining Vitae ?

mining vitae

Is it possible to mining Vitae ?

Vitae Token is a Proof Of Stake POS protocol means you can’t mine it with your video card, CPU or even ASICS But there are so many ways to get vitae rewards.

You can get rewards with :

  • Staking : With Proof of Stake, Hodl the more you can to get the most Vitae in your wallet.
  • Masternode : turn 20 000 Vitae into a masternode to get more rewards than POS
  • Supernode : burn 10 000 Vitae into a supernode to get more rewards than masternode.
  • And very soon, on december 26th, get Vitae rewards by liking ans sharing post on the brand new Social Rewards Network.

Better than mining Vitae, be ready for the launch of the Vitae Social Rewards website.


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