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New Mandatory Vitae Wallet Update Core Wallet 0.20.1

Vitae Core Wallet 0.20.1 (March 2022) Created by the Vitae founder Michael Bradley. His original vision did not end with a social media platform. There are further plans for the token on Rain-chat and DeFi platforms. Michael and the original developer of the token created a more diverse, secure and stable replacement wallet. STEX exchange […]

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New Wallet Instructions

New wallet instructions: Backup your wallet.dat and Backups folder in multiple places. Vitae folder should only have theses items: vitae.conf (with only enablezeromint=0 inside) wallet.dat masternode.conf (only if you have masternodes) blocks chainstate indexes After a full sync there is a possibility that balances might look incorrect. If so, add this command to your vitae.conf […]

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