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Where can I download the new Vitae wallet ?

To earn free Vitae token by staking or running masternode and supernode, you need a wallet. You can download the Vitae Core Wallet at the official vitaetoken website. Wallet are available for : Windows 32, Windows 64, Apple < 10.12, Apple > 10.13, Linux QT – GUI and Linux TAR-Deamon. The Android Wallet App will […]

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Vitae : what is a masternode ?

A Masternode is like a remotely hosted computer wallet that ensures the integrity of a coin network by sharing an entire copy of the coin’s ledger in real time. 20,000 Vitae are required to host a full node. The Masternode will receive coins as a reward.

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How to earn Vitae ?

You can easily earn Vitae by : Hodling: By keeping a balance of tokens in your wallet, they earn staking rewards automatically. Staking: Stake automatically in your wallet. Masternodes: Earn tokens by locking 20,000 Vitae into a masternode. Supernodes: Create your own Supernode! Social Rewards Website: Starting December 26th, earn by liking and sharing posts.

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Vitae is the change

Vitae is the ones that make the difference. It is the ones that create value. It is the ones that have what it takes. Not the government, not some super idea. It’s everybody believing and joining together under a common cause to build prosperity in this world. Vitae is talking about freeing every person on the planet from […]

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