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Vitae Rain Chat Free Signup

New Mandatory Vitae Wallet Update Core Wallet 0.20.1

Vitae Core Wallet 0.20.1 (March 2022) Created by the Vitae founder Michael Bradley. His original vision did not end with a social media platform. There are further plans for the token on Rain-chat and DeFi platforms. Michael and the original developer of the token created a more diverse, secure and stable replacement wallet. STEX exchange […]

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New Wallet Instructions

New wallet instructions: Backup your wallet.dat and Backups folder in multiple places. Vitae folder should only have theses items: vitae.conf (with only enablezeromint=0 inside) wallet.dat masternode.conf (only if you have masternodes) blocks chainstate indexes After a full sync there is a possibility that balances might look incorrect. If so, add this command to your vitae.conf […]

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Vitae Rain Chat is open – Free signup

Vitae Rain Chat is Now fully open. Time to test it! Time to use it! Time to make money! There are 8 ways to earn at Vitae Rain Chat! 1)Stockpile Thousands of Vitae tokens are stored for distribution. Every six minutes an amount of Vitae from the stockpile is rained in the rain chat. 2)Donation […]

Read More : generous Social Rewards Network is a new social network that gives generous rewards to all his members Don’t change your online habits! You earn rewards by interacting with the site, the same way you interactwith any social media website : liking, posting and sharing contents. The community is free to join, or you can pay with Vitae Token […]

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Free to Join & Earn on Vitae Social Rewards network

As the launch date approaches, here is more news about the Free Vitae Social Rewards Network. Can we Join for free SRW (Social Rewards Website) ? Yes, Nothing to pay to join this incredible opportunity. Do I have to sell or store something? No, nothing to sell or stock to earn at Vitae Social Rewards […]

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How to earn free vitae token ?

How to earn Free Vitae Token ? Even if Vitae Token is not a Proof of Work protocol, there are some ways to earn free vitae token. In their official Vitae Discord, the team offers a rain channel where every people can earn free vitae.  You just have to be active when the rain coming. […]

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Is it possible to mining Vitae ?

Is it possible to mining Vitae ? Vitae Token is a Proof Of Stake POS protocol means you can’t mine it with your video card, CPU or even ASICS But there are so many ways to get vitae rewards. You can get rewards with : Staking : With Proof of Stake, Hodl the more you […]

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Vitae Social Rewards Website beta launch on december 26th

On december 26th, the Vitae Social Rewards website will be on beta test Vitae token will work as a utility token on the Social Rewards Website. It will have function within the website programming. The exact details of the Social Rewards Website are proprietary and are secret until release. Here we will describe some of the characteristics of […]

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Vitae and See-Saw

Vitae is a POS (Proof Of Stake), Masternode and Supernode Token. On the Vitae Token Specification, we see how the rewards are distributed between POS, Masternodes and Supernodes. But What is See-Saw ? How See-saw works : Current block rewards total 20 Vitae: 40% (8) to Supernodes, 15% (3) to Staking, 15% (3) to Masternodes, […]

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